About Millie

Where's Charlie Profile Pic I set up this website because It is about me the Author. And although I have many interests and talents, I set up this page because I want to brand myself and not my work. So you may see my work here or you may find other information about me here but it is not exclusive to any body of work I may have done or I am working on. I am also an energy and light worker. I read oracle cards and I also teach Reiki Classes. I have classes a number of times during a year and have them when I feel guided to do so. Currently I am marketing my book Where’s Charlie and I am learning a lot about writing professionally and about working through all of the details to be successful. So mainly that involves self-mastery and getting people to know who I am. Everything I do has to have meaning to me or I can’t see myself doing it. I have always wanted to be a writer professionally and I do it because I enjoy writing. So my future is either going to be speaking about my writing or about the content in which I write about. Which are mostly topics that come from experiences in my life.

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